Love Thy Neighbor Foundation

Do good while being bad.

Kindness is all in good taste…

…which makes Saints & Sinners damn tasty!

You’ve seen a lot about the “sinners” part of our story. Here’s where the “saints” come marching in:

Saints & Sinners is proud to donate a portion of every menu item sold to charity. And because saints don’t limit their good deeds, neither do we.

We know there are tons of great charitable organizations out there, and we didn’t want to stop at one… so we didn’t! We started with our own foundation – Love Thy Neighbor Foundation – which feeds children and helps families around the globe.

Beyond that, a portion of every item we sell helps organizations all over the world, from the US to Thailand, Cuba, Nicaragua and more.

You don’t have to wait to dine here to help us make a difference.

Donate now and become a saint too!